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About TE Consultancy

Our core expertise is management and IT consultancy. Our consultants have an average of 20 years experience in delivering change within Telecom & Financial Markets. Combined with our up-to-date knowledge of our sector, we believe that TE Consulting offers an unrivalled level of practical experience, knowledge and tools that cover all products and processes typically found in leading Telecom & Financial Markets firms.

We are involved with a broad client base, ranging from major multinational companies to smaller, more specialist organizations and numerous start-ups. We firmly believe this diversity of work has a universal benefit for all organizations we work with.


Consultancy & Management Services

What makes us different?

Executive Team

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Vision and Mission

Our Vision is "Build the most efficient and strong bridge between business and technology"

Our Mission is "Use of technology capabilities for effective, on time and appropriate prioritized realization of business needs"



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